how to write an apology letter

How to write an apology letter

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Are you looking for an apology letter, if yes then you are in write place. Hi I am Saswata and I gonna show you how to write an perfect apology letter

At first, you have to know what is the meaning of apology? Its mean a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. So if you feel inside sorry then you go for an apology otherwise it does not bring any sense. Remember apology is something which can destroy the anger of the other person. It does not mean that if you write an apology letter to someone you then you feel ashamed or guilty. It means you know that you did a mistake and realizes it.

So if you writing an apology letter then you are an awesome person from the heart, not everyone do so. An apology is an art. And I think if you did a mistake and you know about it you should write an apology letter not only for show off or other but also for saving the relation and making it strong between you two.

So now go into the point how to write an apology letter. An apology letter is one type of formal letter. I already wrote an article on How to write a formal letter, you can check it out for your reference. Here I mention some tips to write a formal letter and what you include and what you do not include in your letter

Use formal fonts

If you write a business apology letter to your business partner or other clients, the font you use that matters. So if you write an apology letter to them then use formal fonts like Arial or Calibri.

And if you write a personal apology letter, my recommendation is to use handwritten letter so that your first impression is great and the reader thinks you really care for him and you are sorry

Use formal letter format

Always use formal letter format for writing an apology letter. Wait don’t know the format, well I show you

Formal letter format diagram

Formal letter format

If you wish you can check my article on How to write a formal letter

Admit your mistake

At first you should tell the reader that you did a mistake, and you are feeling sorry about that and give a brief explanation of what happened

apology letter fomat

Mention what you do for this

If you did a mistake the you should give compensation for that.

Ask for forgiveness

After all that you should ask for forgiveness.

how to write an apology letter

Your signature

And next put you signature on the left sight of the paper


You already know that writing has its own language, so be polite and respectful throughout your letter

Take a look of some apology letter

Letter of apology to neighbour

735/8, Jharphokri


Dear Mrs Som                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I came to know that my son has broken one window glass of your house with Football while playing in our garden. I am sorry for that. I request you to please send the bill of the repair cost

Also, I assure you that such incidence will never happen again in future. If I help you in any other subject do let know without any hesitation

Yours sincerely

Prativa pathak

Apology letter to family member

56-PK  Banerjee Road

New Delhi

My dear Sourav

I am thankful to God for blessing me with such a lovely and wonderful brother who is so considerate and caring. You are so important to me that can’t imagine a day without you.
I have no hitch in accepting and apologizing for my rude behavior at the marriage ceremony last night. I don’t know what got over me but no excuse or reason can justify my mistake. And I know that I become unreasonable and irrational at times but I promise to try my best not to repeat such a thing again.
Please accept this apology and forgive your cutest sister. Sorry.

With love   

                                                                                              Yours affectionately


Letter of apology for not attending Function

99/8, Raghunathpur
11 November 2018

Dear Mrs. Jain

Thank you for the invitation to your birthday party
I would very much wait for attending your party. But unfortunately, I did not attend because of some serious work. I am very sorry about that.
Thank you for your invitation
By the way, if you are free in this weekend to do come to my place, that will be a great
Yours sincerely
Debalina Sharma

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