How therapeutic writing helps to overcome depression?

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People often say that a heartbreak gives birth to a poet, as chaos in your soul gives birth to a dancing star, creative writing is a form of expression that fills your pen up with venom or colors of a rainbow — often overlooked and undervalued, in a world of calculated homogenous work.

People living a face-paced life, while working a job during the day and then a part-time shift that devours their night, end up alone, trying to pay bills they rarely ever go home and depression brings upon them, their demise. According to WHO one million people die of grief each year that means one death every forty seconds, expected to go up to one end by suicide every 20 seconds next year. These stats are alarming.

Creative writing can be a remedy for depression, anxiety, resentment, and anguish. People do not have to be writers to write. However, it does not mean that those who write cannot sell their creativity at some point. Writing for them, however; is therapy and if they choose to share their drafts, diaries, personal experiences, and lyrical notes with the world. To give others a chopping mechanism for depression with the intentions of helping them fight their battles. They can contact expert ghostwriting services as these drafts have a different format from that of those who write intending to write a book that is for sale. Compiling these drafts can be a challenge, and an expert can do that so that it keeps people interested.

Creative writing is not a cure for depression; it can provide a temporary escape from what people are feeling. Mentioned is a list of ways creative writing can help deal with depression.

How therapeutic writing helps to overcome depression?

It gives physical shape to your feelings:

Lack of self-expression is one of the reasons why people get depressed, studies have shown that circus animals have high chances of being exposed to sadness due to lack of interaction with their kind and due to their limited expressiveness.

It is the case with people as well. Therefore, creative writing encourages in voicing feelings, giving them a better shape and making them more real, visible and understandable. It can bring out feelings they have been bottling up for years or maybe a few days. It can also help those who do not know how to express themselves verbally.

It can be a poem, a simple journal, a story or maybe just a thought at that moment. Anything that brings out emotions and gives views a perspective, validates believes and rereading a written draft can sort out perplexing thoughts and feelings, providing a sense of closure.

An egress to Utopia:

If a subject’s daily routine, their job maybe school is stressful and grey then writing can serve as a temporary escape. Often people who do not have control over their lives and situations around them are good at building stories and characters. Similarly, when people are down and sad, they express great emotion in their scripts. Moreover, have reported feeling better after writing about their feelings. Writing as therapy has reduced stress, anxiety and anger in people, although it is not a proper means of recovering for people suffering from chronic depression. Furthermore, some people develop a habit of writing and then their deliverance changes and matures to great content over time, this constructive development in an individual is commendable, and it all happens because of creative content improvement.

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Progressive improvement in mental health:

When people write about things that upsetting, depressing, sad, whether it be a personal expression or a parallel representation of their suffering through a fictional character. It can help improve their mental state drastically. Writing calms people down as it requires concentration, it demands thought being invested into it, it breaks down the elements which usually are all over the place in people’s minds and give a bit by bit pixilated structure to a complicated stream of thoughts. That is said to have reduced blood pressure in people and can be used for dealing with self-reflection and anger management issues.


Therapeutic writing helps in bringing control to a person’s life as people write they go back to the source that generated the thought in them repeatedly. Going back over an issue quite a few time can give people the courage to view situations from a different perspective, and in self-reflection. It also helps in numbing and subduing erupting feelings of sadness or resentment but coming face to face with them every time they write. Writing a diary may help people in fixing their routine and sleeping habits as well.


Though it might be difficult for people to start for those who are depressed or lonely writing can be a way out, it can be a way for them to connect to the world. It is a method for them to construct their world. Nevertheless, professional help is highly recommended.

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How therapeutic writing helps to overcome depression?
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