An interjection expresses some sudden feeling of one’s mind, it is not properly a part of speech, since it does not enter into the construction of the sentence. For example, Hurrah! India won the match.

Hello! Today’s topic on Interjection. However, it is not at all important to construct a sentence, but for general uses, we should know about it. This is a simple topic don’t have any issues to understand.

At first at a glance, what are the important parts on this? Firstly, we learn about What is Interjection? some common interjection that we use in our daily life and some of their example to easier understanding for you.

boy and girl exclaiming in joy, an example of Interjection

Interjectional phrases:

  1. Some phrases are used interjectionally, for example, good heavens, good gracious
  2. A few groups of words of an interjectional character like, whether followed by the exclamation mark or not Interjections, but rather elliptical sentences, for example, How awful it is! What a mess it is! It is done well!

Some common interjections are:

  • Bravo -appreciation
  • Hurrah- joy
  • Alas- Sorrow
  • Oh- wish
  • Ah- grief
  • Alas- grief
  • Tut- disgust
  • pish- contempt
  • Lo/hark/hush- attention
  • Bravo/hear- approval
  • ho/hello- a call
  • Argh- anger and frustration
  • Aww- affection and disappointment
  • Eek- fear or surprise
  • Eww- disgust
  • Oops- minor mistake
  • Wow- amazing
  • Yap- joy or excitement
  • Ouch- feel pain

Let me show you some example of it for your easier understanding


  • Bravo! you have done well
  • Bravo! you played well


  • Hurrah! we won the match
  • Hurrah! finally, we did it


  • Alas! I am undone
  • Alas! I am failed in the examination
  • Alas! he is dead


  • Oh! what fine things
  • Oh! that he was present


  • Fie! you are a liar
  • Fie upon the traitor


  • Hello! how do you do?


  • Hmm. I will call you


  • Ouch! I feel pain


  • Hark! there the bell goes

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So we complete our topic. Is not it easier? I think it is definitely an easier topic. I hope now you can easily find an interjection in a sentence. If you think I missed something important, then definitely mention it on the comment box, I will go through it and add to this soon.

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