Write an informal letter

How to write an Informal letter

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Hi guys, hope you are all good, today our discussion on How to write an informal letter

How to write an informal letter tips and demo

An informal letter is also known as a personal letter. This type of letter usually writes to family, friends, relatives to share an experience or updating someone with a general incident etc. If you wish you can check my article on How to write a letter  for your reference

This is a casual letter no need for formal sentences and the tone and style are usually familiar and intimate. You should express yourself as you are. When someone read that letter he or she should feel like you are talking to them in front. So you should write a letter with all of your feelings. You also use conversational idioms and also contracted forms like ‘I’ll, don’t etc.”. This is familiar with a personal letter.

An informal letter express the personality of the writer when the reader go through it, should feel the sentiments and feelings

So now I show you How to write an informal letter

If you write an informal letter there are some part which you have to include in your writing

  1. Sender’s address
  2. Date
  3. Salutation
  4. The body of the letter
  5. Remarks
  6. Subscription or closure
  7. Your signature

So this the structure of your letter

1. Sender's address

You should mention it on the top left corner of your letter include your House number, are, pin code and State

informal letter sender address

2. Date

Mention the date when the letter is written just below the sender address. Like this-

date in informal letter

3. Salutation

It is a greeting to the reader depending on the relation between writer and reader

informal letter format

4. The body of the letter

In this part, you write what is the purpose of your letter or why you are writing this letter. If you wish you can divide into paragraphs like this-

body of informal letter

5. Remarks

This is the part where you indicate the reader that the letter going to end and give them a message like- Convey my regards to parents or love you, Miss you something

remarks of informal letters

6. Subscription

This is the complementary closure for the reader. In an informal letter generally, we use ‘Yours sincerely’. And to the family member, we use ‘Yours affectionate

subscription of informal letter

7. Signature

Here you mention the name of the writer. If you write a letter then you mention your name

Format of informal letter with signature

Hope now you are known about the structure of an informal letter. Now I show you how to start an informal letter. You can begin your letter any of the following sentences-

  1. I have not heard from you for about a fortnight
  2. I received your letter yesterday and I am glad to receive a letter from you
  3. You have not written to us for a long time
  4. You have not written to me after 21 February
  5. Why have not you written to me a long time
  6. I have just received your letter
  7. Everyone here was glad to receive your much-awaited letter

If you are asking for news then you can start with ‘I have not heard from you quite a long time. How are you? What are you doing now present? Send me a reply as early as you receive my letter

If you congratulate someone then you can write ‘I am very glad to know about your result or I am delighted to hear of your success. Congratulation

To give sympathy or condolence you can write ‘I was deeply grieved to learn about the incident or I was very sorry to hear

Although there are lots of starting sentences you can figure out one of your choices, which appropriate with the situation

Now see some endings of an informal letter

  1. Hope to get your reply soon
  2. Waiting for your early reply
  3. Please do write a letter every month
  4.  I expect from you to write regularly in future

Some remarks for you

  1. Convey my regards to your parents
  2. Accept my love and blessing
  3. With the best regards for you all
  4. I wish you a long and happy life
  5. Your mother conveys you her fondest love
  6. Love to all at home
  7. Love to …
  8. With love
  9. Love you so much
  10. Miss you a lot

Some tips

  1. When you write an informal or personal letter feel free to write about your feelings
  2. Do not hesitate to adapt your personal style and personality
  3. Use normal sentences
  4. Do not use complicated words
  5. Feel free to share your thoughts
  6. Keep your letter up to a page or half

Some informal letters sample for your reference

735/84, Lenin Road

Ahmedabad- 001253

Gujrat, India

November 18, 2018

Dear Suman

How are you? Being a long time, we do not meet together, hope everything is fine there.

I recently decided to open my own farm to manufacture of the crankshaft. In recent time there are lots of difficulties to get a Government job and I don’t want to work for a private farm, there also a lot of pressure and make my life boring

By the way, I don’t talk to my parents regarding this till now but recently I will tell them. In between, I need some of your help to build my business

I know that the competition is everywhere though we will deliver some quality products hence my past study also helped me in this

Share your thoughts on it, and eagerly waiting for your reply.

Convey my regards to your parents

Yours sincerely,


56-9, School Road

Lamen, India

November 18, 2018

My dear Dad,

For a long time, I have not received a message from you. Please let me know how are you all?

The result of my 10th standard just announced and you will glad to know that I stood Second in this exam. Hope I will stand first in next year. Give me your blessings

Nothing more for present. I am all right.

With best regards for yourself and mom

Yours affectionately,



Hope now I eliminate your How to write an informal letter quarry, if you still have doubts you can comment down below, I will answer you as soon as possible. And also if you like this article and to share with your school friends, colleges, relatives

However, you can take a glance at my other articles regarding letter writing in the future it will help you a lot. Cheers

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If you want to know more about how to write an informal letter do a comment on the comment section. next time I will upload some format of an informal letter.

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