How to write an email

How to write an Email

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Hi guys, this is Saswata again with you. Today I will show you how to write an Email

First of all why you should write an Email?

  1. Email is very cheap, I mean we don’t need to spend money on it, we just need an email account like Gmail, Yahoo mail etc and an internet connection, these days having an internet connection is normal.
  2. Email is time-saving
  3. Also, we can attach several documents, pictures and also videos with email and send them
  4. Nowadays for business purposes usage of emails is more effective
  5. For a job interview, some of the companies need an email cover letter

There are a ton of Pros of having emails. So you should know about this properly. Firstly we start from basic.

How to create an email account?

Firstly you choose your email provider. There are lots of email providers around the world, like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, AOL etc. You can search in google “email providers” and then you can select one of those service providers according to your needs. In my case, I use and prefer Gmail for my primary email, it is a quite easy user interface and its offer many more services. You can search those directly on Google. For your help, I will provide a link where you can find How to create an email account 

Now come to the topic How to write an email?

Before all this you I show you elements of an Email. These are-

  1. To
  2. From
  3. CC
  4. BCC


This is the field where you fill the recipients address this holds the email address where the submission will be sent. If you wish you can add multiple recipients

How to write an email recipient address


 This field is already set with your email address by your system, so don’t worry about that  


‘CC’ means carbon copy. This field has the email addresses who may be interested in the subject in the email but are not responsible for dealing with the matter


‘BCC’ means blind carbon copy. It is used to hide the recipients. If you send same emails to many of the email addresses and when someone needs to be hidden from the “to” and “cc” recipients. You can add his or her email address into this field

How to add cc and bcc in email
adding cc and bcc in email

Now go to the format of an email

Your email should have-

  1. To (Recipient email addresses)
  2. The subject of your email
  3. Salutation
  4. The body of the message
  5. A closing remark
  6. Your signature

To (Recipient email addresses)

This is the field where you add recipients email address. Recipient email address mean whom you want to send this email

How to write an email recipient address

Add 'CC' and 'BCC'

 If you wish you can add ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ according to your requirement. This field is optional field

The subject of your email

Give a context of your message

How to add subject in an email


This is the greeting of your email. It generally begins with the word ‘Dear’ and for formal emails, you can use ‘Sir’ and use her or his last name and for casual email you can use ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’

where to add salutation in an email

The body of the message

Here you mention why you are writing this email. If you wish you can divide it into paragraphs  

How to write body of an email

A closing remark

 Always use a closing remark when you end with your message. It can be – with regards, Cheers, Sincerely, Take care, Thank you so much, Talk soon etc.  

Closing remark of an email

Your signature

And finally end with your signature

where to put signature on email

Some tips

  1. When you write an email it should be short, to the point and concise
  2. If you write an email to your friend or unknown person, a simple “hello” or”Hi” is adequate but when you write a formal or Profesional email then you should mention the proper greetings like “sir” or “Dear Mr. XYZ” (always use the last name of the person)
  3. If you write a professional email you should have a professional email id. For example, [email protected] is quite professional. Do not use unprofessional email ids like – [email protected], it looks unprofessional
  4. Do not use more emojis or text color, When you add more like this-this then reader fill difficulties in reading. And if you write a formal email then you should avoid this all.
  5.  If you write a casual email feel free to deliver your feelings in your message
  6. If you write a formal email then take a look of my another article –How to write a formal letter. The greeting, body and closing is same for email
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