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How to write a letter in 6 steps!

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In today’s era of email, we most probably forget about the letter but if you write a letter then it is very important for you to write in a proper format. Like the Private letter, personal letter, business letter, official letter, social letter or press letter. Because your letter should affect the reader. For that reason, your letter should be in the correct format, point to point discussion, and free from any grammatical or spelling mistake.

To achieve the above points you need some help, so I am Saswata and I will help you to write a letter in a fluent and proper way. So be with me…

Firstly our discussion on how many types or category of a letter.

By the way, letters are divided into several types but the following types are cover all of the letter category

We divide letter into five categories:

  1. Private or personal letter
  2. Business or commercial letter
  3. Official letter
  4. Social letter
  5. Press letter

Don’t waste your too much time lets talk about them in short.

Personal or private letter:

It is written for personal matter or discussion, concerning the writer and the addressee. For example, a letter from a boy to his father.

Business or commercial letter:

This is for business purposes, this is written to or by a businessman.

Official letter:

This types of letter are written to or by persons in their official work.

Social letter:

Social letters are those that are written to invite persons to functions, ceremony etc.

Press letter:

This types of letters are written by the public to the editor of newspapers

So now I hope you know the types of letter and their usages.

Wait I show you a basic format of a letter and important parts you should have on your letter

How to write a letter

And This is the outside of the envelope looks like-

how to write a letter

So from above you already knew your letter should have six parts.

Let me explain those:

Heading or writer’s address with date:

You should write on the top right corner of your letter. (For official letter it is different, I will mention it below )


You should write on the left side below the heading of your letter, some salutation I mention below of this article, otherwise, if I mention it here it will long

The body:

Here you mention your topic why you write this letter. If it long then you can dive in paragraphs, it will be a better option


It depends on whom you send the letter. It is like Yours truly, Yours sincerely etc.


Your signature must present in your letter below your subscription

Last but not the least

Superscription or outside address:

You should write this on the outside of the envelope, it is the address where you sending the letter

In official letters, you should mention the name of your office in the top middle position of your letter, and address with a date is written right side below the office name.

And you should write your address and return address in the top left corner of your letter.

Then start with a salutation

like this-

Official letter format

If you wish you can add your address above the date, but also you must write your office address on the left side as shown in the picture.

Now I show you some form of salutation and subscriptions

So first, Salutation of a letter

Write a letter to relatives or very close friend you can use:
  • My dear son
  • Dear Uncle
  • My dear Mother or Mom
  • My dear Father or Dad
  • Dear John
  • My dear Subhankar
Write a letter to a less familiar friend you can use this:
  • Dear Mr. Whittekey
  • Dear Mr. Das

Or in Indian culture, you can use Dear Goutam Babu

Write a letter to the Unknown person or superior:
  • Sir
  • Madam
  • Dear Sir
  • Dear Madam
Write a letter to business persons:
  • Dear Sirs
  • Gentlemen

In official letters you use Sir or in writing to a lady use Madam. (Whether she is married or single, where the person is totally stranger to you)

‘Dear Sir’ is less formal in case of your teachers or your superior official, who is a little-known person you can use Dear sir.

My dear Sir, you can use this when you know the person very well.

So now we see some Subscriptions

Write a letter to relatives or very close friend:
  • Your affectionate Son, Dad, Mother or Mom, Friend
To Friend:
  • Your Sincerely
  • Your very Sincerely
To Superiors:
  • Yours obediently
To Strangers:
  • Yours Faithfully
  • Yours truly

These are used only in commercial official letter

In the official letter:
  • Yours faithfully

That’s it. I mentioned all the important part of a letter and how to use and where to use those.

I also wrote an article on HOW TO WRITE A LETTER TO PRINCIPAl in a formal way, If you looking for some of this kind you can check out this too.

If you find I help you to write a letter please do comment, It will motivate me.

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If you spot any mistake or any suggestions regarding this please feel free to comment down below.







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