Collective nouns for thieves

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What is the collective noun for thieves?

There are Five collective noun for thieves and those are:

  1. Den
  2. Gang
  3. Band
  4. Skulk
  5. Pack 

You can say:

  1. A gang of thieves
  2. Den of thieves
  3. A band of thieves
  4. Skulk of thieves
  5. A pack of thieves

collective noun for thieves

Let's discuss about the meaning of those

Den: A place where people meet in secret especially for some illegal activity

Gang: It means an organized group of criminals or gang members, drug dealer or you can say A five-man gang carried out the robbery

Band: Band means a group of people who do something together, You can use band for thieves

Skulk: It means to hide or move around secretly, especially when you are planning something bad. So you also use Skulk for thieves

Pack: Pack is something refer to carry a gun, but for robbery purpose, you can use Pack

In common usage, theft is the taking of another person’s property or services without that person’s permission or consent 


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