Collective noun for Wolves and Horses

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What is the collective noun for Horse?

The collective nouns for Horses are:
  1. Team
  2. Harras
  3. Stable 
  4. Troop
  5. Rag (colts)
  6. Rake (colts)
  7. String(ponies)
  8. Herd(wild)
You can say:
  • A team of Horses
  • A harras of Horses
  • A stable of Horses
  • A troop of Horses
  • A Rag of Horses
  • A rake of Horses
  • A string of Horses
  • A Herd of  Horses
Collective noun for horses


Team: Two or more animals that are used together to pull a cart.

Stable: A building where horses are kept.

Troop: To walk somewhere as a unit.

Herd: A group of animals of the same type that live and feed together.                                     

Definition of Horse:

A large animal with four legs and a tail. Check out the horse at Wikipedia. 

What is the collective noun for Wolve?

The collective nouns for Wolves are: 

  1. Pack
  2. Rout
  3. Route
  4. Herd

You can say:

  • A pack of Wolves
  • A rout of Wolves
  • A route of Wolves
  • A Herd of Wolves
Collective noun for wolves


Pack: A group of animal.

Route: A way that follow to get from one place to another.

Herd: A same group of animals.

Definition of Wolves:

A large wild animal of dog family.

Check out wolf at Wikipedia.

Some hand picked collective nouns for you:

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