Collective noun for Spiders and Butterflies

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What is the collective noun for spiders?

The collective nouns for spiders are:

  1. Cluster
  2. Clutter
  3. Venom (For poisonous purpose)

You can say :

  • A cluster of spiders
  • A venom of spiders
  • A clutter of spiders
Collective noun for butterflies
Meaning of the above words:

Cluster: Cluster means a group of things, insects, or animals/A group of the same type that appear together.

Clutter: Clutter means a lot of objects in a state of being untidy, though it has no direct relation with a group you can use this to denote a group of spiders.

Venom: The poisonous liquid that some snakes and spiders produce when they bite.

Definition of spider:

A small creature with eight thin legs. Spiders are spin webs to catch the insect. For detail information on spider visit Wikipedia.

What is the collective noun for butterflies?

The collective nouns for butterflies are:

  1. Swarm
  2. Rabble
  3. Rainbow
  4. Kaleidoscope
  5. Flight
  6. Flutter
  7. Wing

You can use these words like,

  1. A swarm of butterflies.
  2. A rabble of butterflies.
  3. A rainbow of butterflies.
  4. A kaleidoscope of butterflies.
  5. A flight of butterflies.
  6. A flutter of butterflies.
  7. A wing of butterflies.
Collective noun for butterflies

Meaning of these words:

Swarm: A group of insects moving together in the same direction. Like butterflies, bees etc.

Rabble: A group of insects or people.

Rainbow: Rainbow is a natural creation. But you can use it for butterflies because of lots of colorful butterflies creates a rainbow type of imagination.

Kaleidoscope: There is no direct relation of butterflies with this word. But kaleidoscope means a situation, pattern etc. containing a lot of different parts that are always changing. But you can use this with no hesitation.

Flight: A group of birds or insects flying together.

Flutter: To fly somewhere moving the wings quickly and lightly/When a birds or insects flutters its wings to move lightly and quickly up and down. 

Wing: To fly somewhere.

Definition of Butterfly:

A flying insect with a long thin body and four large and brightly colored wings. You can visit Wikipedia for more information on the butterfly

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