Collective noun for Monkeys and Lions

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What is the collective noun for Lions?

The collective nouns for Lions are:
  1. Pride (Best answer) 
  2. Troop
  3. Sault
  4. Sawt
  5. Sowse
You can say:
  • A pride of Lions
  • A Troop of Lions
  • A sault of Lions
  • A sawt of Lions
  • A Sowse of Lions
Collective noun for lions


Pride: A group of lions

Troop: To walk somewhere together as a group.

Definition of Lion:

A large powerful animal of cat family.

Check out Wikipedia for detail description on lion

What is the collective noun for Monkeys?

The collective nouns for Monkeys are: 

  1. Troop
  2. Barrel
  3. Carload
  4. Cartload
  5. Tribe
  6. Machination
  7. Troupe
  8. wilderness

You can say:

  • A troop of Monkeys
  • A barrel of Monkeys
  • A carload of Monkeys
  • A cartload of Monkeys
  • A Tribe of Monkeys
  • A Machination of Monkeys
  • A troupe of Monkeys
  • A wilderness of Monkeys
Collective noun for monkeys


Troop: To walk somewhere together as a group.

Cartload: A large amount of something.

Tribe: A group of related animals.

Troupe: A group of something.

Definition of Monkey:

An animal with a long tail, that climb trees. 

Check out monkey on Wikipedia. 

Some hand picked collective nouns for you:

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