5+ Collective noun for locusts

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What is the collective noun for locusts?

The collective noun for locusts are:

  1. Swarm
  2. Plague
  3. Nest
  4. Host
  5. Horde
  6. Rabble

You can say:

  • A swarm of locusts
  • A plague of locusts
  • A nest of locusts
  • A host of locusts
  • A horde of locusts
  • A rabble of locust

In my opinion Swarm and Plague is the best example of defining a group of locust. So I recommend you to write Swarm or Plague for Locusts.

 I give the other words for knowledge purpose. You should know about all those terms used for define a group of Locust 

Let's see the meaning of those words

Swarm: It means a large group of insects, especially locusts, bees moving together in the same direction.

  • A swarm of bees/flies/locusts.

Plague: a Large number of insects or animal that come into an area and cause a great damage in the area.

  • The region has just suffered a plague of locusts.

Nest: A group of the same kind of things or a group.

Host: A large number of things like insects or people.

Horde: A large group of crowd or insects.

Rabble: A large group of noisy insects or people.

collective noun for locusts

Definition of Locust

 It is one kind of insects that live in hot countries and files in large groups. And it destroys all the plants and crops of an area 

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