Collective noun for Judges and Teachers

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What is the collective noun for Judges?

The collective nouns for judges are: 

  1. Bench
  2. Sentence
  3. Sitting 
  4. Bevy
  5. Panel
  6. Jury

You can say:

  • A bench of judges
  • A sentence of judges
  • A sitting of judges
  • A bevy of judges
  • A panel of judges
  • A jury of judges
Collective noun for judges
Let me tell you the meaning of these words:

Bench: it means a judge of the court.

  • He has recently been appointed to the bench.

Sentence: To say officially in court that someone is to receive a particular punishment.

  • To be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Sitting: A period of time during which a court or a parliament deals with its business.

Bevy: A large group of people or things of the same kind. So you can you can easily say a bevy of judges.

Panel: A group of specialists like judges who give their advice or opinion about something.

Jury: A group of members of the public who listen to the facts of a case in court. And decided whether someone is guilty or not.

Definition of Judge:

A person in court who has the authority to decide how criminal should punished according to their crime. For detail information on judge visit Wikipedia.


What is the collective noun for teachers?

The collective nouns for teachers are:

  1. Faculty
  2. Staff
  3. Quiz

You can say:

  • A faculty of teachers
  • A staff of teachers
  • A quiz of teachers
Collective noun for teachers

Meaning of these words:

Faculty: All the teachers in a faculty of a school, college or university.

  • The law school faculty.

Staff: The people who work at a school college or university/All the workers employed in an organization considered as a group.

Quiz: There is no proper term related to denotes teachers but as per my research on the web I found there maybe quiz can be used to denote teachers. As I am not sure in this I will be recommended you go for other two.

Definition of teachers:

A person whose job is teaching. For detail on teacher check out Wikipedia.

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