Collective noun for Islands and Arrows

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What is the collective noun for Islands?

The collective nouns for Islands are:

  1. Constellation
  2. Group
  3. Cluster
  4. Chain
  5. Archipelago
  6. String

You can say:

  • A constellation of Islands.
  • A group of Islands.
  • A cluster of Islands.
  • A chain of Islands.
  • An archipelago of Islands.
  • A string of Islands.
The collective noun for islands

Meaning of those words:

Constellation: A group of things.

Group: A number of people or things that are together in the same place. 

For example,

  • A group of boys/houses

Cluster: A group of things that are close to each other. like islands.

Chain: A series of connected things.

Archipelago: A group of islands surrounded by sea.

  • Andaman and Nicobar island.

String: A set or series of things joined together/A series of things that come close one after another.

Definition of Island:

A piece of land that is surrounded by water. For detail information on Island visit Wikipedia.


What is the collective noun for Arrows?

The collective nouns for arrows are:

  1. Sheaf
  2. Quiver

You can say:

  • A sheaf of arrows
  • A quiver of arrows
Collective noun for arrows
Meanings of these words:

Sheaf: A bunch of something. You can use sheaf for denotes a group of arrows.

Quiver: Generally quiver means a case for carrying arrows.

Definition of arrow:

It is a thin stick with a sharp point at the one end, which is shot from a bow. For details on arrow check this. 

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