Collective noun for Hedgehogs and Ostriches

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What is the collective noun for Hedgehogs or Porcupines?

The collective nouns for hedgehogs are:

  1. Prickle
  2. Array
  3. Nest
  4. Bristle
  5. Herd 

You can use these words for mentioning a group of hedgehogs.

You can say:

  • A prickle of hedgehogs.
  • An array of hedgehogs.
  • A nest of hedgehogs.
  • A bristle of hedgehogs.
  • A heard of hedgehogs.
Collective noun for hedgehogs

Let me show you the meaning of these words:

Prickle: A small sharp part on the skin of some animals or plants. Like hedgehogs or cactus.

Array: Collection of a group or things or animals or people.

Nest: You can use this to denotes a group of something.

Bristle: A short stiff hair.

Herd: A group of animals that lives together.

Definition of Hedgehog

A small brown European animal with stiff like needles covering all its back. Check out Wikipedia for more information on hedgehogs.

What is the collective noun for ostriches?

The collective nouns for ostriches are:

  1. Flock
  2. Troop
  3. Pride
  4. Wobble
  5. Herd

You can say:

  • A flock of ostriches
  • A pride of ostriches
  • A wobble of ostriches
  • A herd of ostriches
  • A troop of ostriches
Collective noun for ostriches

Let me show you the meaning of these words:

Flock: A group of birds of the same type. So you can use this to denotes a group of ostriches.

  • A flock of ostriches passed in front of me.

Herd: A group of animal that lives together or A large group of the same type of thing.

Troop: To walk somewhere together as a group.

In the case of wobble or pride, we do not find any direct relation to denotes a group or a group of ostriches. So we do not recommend you to write those words. The best words for denotes a group of ostriches is FLOCK, HERD, and TROOP.

Definition of Ostrich:

A very large African birds with long neck and legs but can not fly. You can find out ostrich in details in Wikipedia.


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