Collective noun for Hay and Puppies

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What is the collective noun for Hay?

The collective nouns for hay are:
  1. Stack
  2. Bale
  3. Bundle
  4. Truss
You can say,
  • A stack of hay
  • A bale of hay
  • A bundle of hay
  • A truss of hay
Collective nouns for hay


Stack: A pile of something or a large amount of something.

  • A stack of books

Bale: A large amount of light material tightly together and tied up.

  • Bales of hay
  • Bales of wool

Bundle: A number of things tied together.

  • A bundle of papers

Truss: To tie something.

Definition of Hay:

The grass that has been cut and dried and is used for food for Animals like the cow.

Check out hay on Wikipedia.

What is the collective noun for Puppies?

The collective nouns for Puppies are: 

  1. Litter
  2. Piddle

You can say,

  • A litter of puppies 
  • A piddle of puppies
Collective noun for puppies
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