Collective noun for Grass and Grapes

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What is the collective noun for Grass?

The collective nouns for grass are:

  1. Tuft
  2. Handful
  3. Sheaf
  4. Lawn
  5. Meadow
  6. Clump
  7. Patch
  8. Field
  9. Savannah
  10. Fistful
  11. Blade

I mentioned below the meaning of all those collective nouns so please check this and according to your purpose use these words.

These all you can use for denotes Grass.

  • A tuft of grass
  • A handful of grass
  • A sheaf of grass
  • A lawn of grass
  • A meadow of grass
  • A clump of grass
  • A patch of grass
  • A field of grass
  • A Savannah of grass
  • A fistful of grass
  • A blade of grass

Let me show you the meaning of this words:

Tuft: A number of pieces of grass growing.

Handful: A small number of things

Sheaf: A bunch of wheat tied together after being cut

Lawn: An area that covers with short grass. Like garden, yard or park.

Meadow: A field that covered with grass

Clump: A small group of things very close to each other. Like grass, hair etc. 

Patch: A small piece of land especially used for growing vegetables and fruits. You can use this for grass also.

Field: A land for growing grass or for playing purpose.

Savannah: A field of grass in hot areas.

Fistful: An amount of something that can be held in a fist.

Blade: A single leaf of grass.

Collective nouns for Grass
Definition of Grass:

A common wild plant with small green leaves and stems and that is eaten by horse, cows etc.

You check Wikipedia for details on grass.

What is the collective noun for Grapes?

The Collective nouns for grapes are :

  1. Bunch
  2. Cluster

You can say:

  • A bunch of grapes
  • A cluster of grapes

Some handpicked Collective noun for you:

Let me show you the meaning of this words:

Bunch: A number of things of the same type which are growing of fasted together.

Cluster: A group of same types of things growing together or appear close together

Definition of Grape:

One type of small green or purple color fruit that grows in bunches.

Checkout Wikipedia for details on grape

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