Collective noun for Geese and Elephants

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What is the collective noun for Geese?

The collective nouns for geese are
  1. Flock
  2. Skein (In flight)
  3. Gaggle
  4. Herd
  5. Crops
  6. Plump
  7. Team
You can say:
  • A flock of Geese
  • A skein of Geese
  • A gaggle of Geese
  • A herd of Geese
  • A crop of Geese
  • A plump of Geese
  • A team of Geese
Collective noun for geese


Flock: A group of Same kinds of birds.

Gaggle: A group of geese.

Herd: A group of the same type of animals or birds.

Crop: Group of something.

Plump: A soft, round body and slightly fat.

Team: A group of animals, people or birds.


A bird has a long neck. Geese either live wild or kept on farms. Check out geese on Wikipedia. 

What is the collective noun for Elephants?

The collective nouns for elephants are: 

  1. Herd
  2. Gang
  3. Parade

You can say: 

  • A herd of Elephants
  • A gang of Elephants
  • A parade of Elephants
Collective noun for elephants


Herd: A group of the same type of animals or birds.

Like elephants, deer, cows.

Gang: A group of animals or other.

Parade: A series of things or people.


A very large animal with grey skin and large ears. Check out elephants on Wikipedia.

Some hand picked collective nouns for you:

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