Collective noun for Eggs and Bees

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What is the collective noun for Eggs?

There are six collective nouns for eggs, and those are:
  1. Clutch
  2. Nest
  3. Carton
  4. Sitting
  5. Tray
  6. Brood
You can say:
  • A clutch of Eggs
  • A nest of Eggs
  • A carton of Eggs
  • A sitting of Eggs
  • A tray of Eggs
  • A brood of Eggs
Collective noun for eggs


Clutch: A group of eggs that a bird lays at one time.

Nest: A hollow place or structure that a bird makes or choose for laying its eggs in.

Carton: A light cardboard or plastic box for holding goods.

Tray: A flat piece of wood, metal or plastic used for holding things like eggs, drinks etc.

Brood: Birds broods its eggs, and sits on the eggs in order to hatch them.


A small oval object with a thin hard shell produced by a female bird. Check out the bird on Wikipedia. 

What is the collective noun for Bees?

The collective nouns for bees are: 

  1. Swarm
  2. Drift
  3. Flight
  4. Hive
  5. Erst
  6. Grist
  7. Hum

You can say:

  • A swarm of Bees
  • A drift of Bees
  • A flight of Bees
  • A hive of Bees
  • An erst of Bees
  • A grist of Bees
  • A hum of Bees
Collective noun for bees


Swarm: A large group of insects, especially bees.

Drift: A slow steady movement from one place to another.

Flight: A group of birds or insects.

Hive: A structure made for bees to live in.


A black and yellow flying insect that can sting.

You can check out Wikipedia for more information on bees


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