Collective noun for Cars and Flowers

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What is the collective noun for Cars?

The collective noun for cars are:
  1. Fleet
  2. Stack
  3. Line
  • A fleet of cars
  • A stack of cars
  • A line of cars
Collective noun for cars


Fleet: A group of buses, taxis, and cars are traveling together.

Stack: Its means a lot of something like cars.

Line: A row of things next to each other or behind each other.

Definition of Car:

A road vehicle with an engine and four wheels and carries passengers.

Detail of car available on Wikipedia

What is the collective noun for Flowers?

The collective noun for flowers are:

  1. Bed
  2. Bouquet
  3. Bunch
  4. Nosegay
  5. Garden

You can say:

  1. A bed of flowers
  2. A bouquet of flowers
  3. A bunch of flowers
  4. A nosegay of flowers
  5. A garden of flowers
Collective noun for flower


Bed: An area of ground in a garden/yard or park for growing flowers.

Bouquet: A bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way so that it can be carried in a ceremony.

Bunch: A large amount of something.

Nosegay: A small bunch of flowers.

Garden: A piece of land next to or around your house where you can grow flowers.

Definition of flower:

A colored part of a plant from which seeds developed.

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