Collective noun for Cards and Aircraft

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What is the collective Noun for Cards?

The collective nouns for Cards are:
  1. Deck
  2. Wing
  3. Hand
  4. Pack
You can say,
  • A deck of Cards
  • A wing of Cards
  • A hand of Cards
  • A pack of cards
Collective noun for cards


Deck: A complete set of  playing cards.

Wing: There is no direct relation of wing to refer a group of cards but you can use this.

Hand: A set of playing cards given to one player in a game.

Pack: Pack is also means a complete set of  playing cards.

Definition of Cards:

This is one type of game.

Check out cards on Wikipedia.


What is the collective noun for Aircraft?

The collective Nouns for Aircraft are:

  1. Flight
  2. Wing
  3. Fleet
  4. Squadron

You can say: 

  • A flight of Aircraft
  • A wing of Aircraft
  • A fleet of Aircraft
  • A squadron of Aircraft
Collective noun for aircraft


Flight: A plane making a particular journey.

Wing: To fly somewhere.

Fleet: A group of planes.

Squadron: A group of military aircraft.


Definition of Aircraft:

Vehicle that can fly and carry goods or passenger.

Check out definition of Aircraft on Wikipedia.

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