Collective noun for Angels and Drawers

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What is the collective noun for angels?

The collective nouns for angels are:
  1. Host
  2. Chorus
  3. Choir
  4. Flight
You can say:
  • A host of angels
  • A chorus of angels
  • A choir of angels
  • A flight of angels
Collective noun for angels

Let me show you the meaning of those words:

Host: A large number of things or people.

Chorus: Chorus generally means a girl or young woman who is a member of a musical event. But in the case of angels, you can use it.

Choir: A group of people who sing together. It imagines that angels are also singing a song for people.

Flight: The act of flying/A group of things that can fly. 

Definition of Angel:

A spirit who is believed to be a servant of God, and is sent by God to deliver a message or perform a task. For more information on Angel check-out Wikipedia. 

What is the collective noun for drawers?

The collective noun for drawers is:

  1. Chest
  • A chest of drawers
Meaning of Chest:

Chest: A large strong box usually made of wood or steel or iron, used for storing things.

Meaning of Drawer:

Drawer: A part of a piece of furniture usually use to keep things.

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